Event Overview.

The heart of Acknowledgement 2022 comes from the true connection to our earth and an understanding of the deep connection we have with the places on which we work and live.

The Rotary Clubs of Hobsons Bay invite you to join us as we celebrate diversity, inclusion and the gathering of community.

The past 18+ months have been hard on all of us. With six lockdowns we are likely to be feeling a little bit separated from our community and Rotary District 9800 stands next to you all, helping to open a new dialogue that will lead us into the new conversation for the emerging.




To bring together the community in an open and positive way to be able to have conversations about all the lands we come from and to,


Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. WE ARE ALL PART OF THE STORY


Our diversity Includes everyone and we need to agree to move forward together as individuals.

To celebrate everything Australian, and reinvent a culturally friendly community day that all Australians can & want to be part of.

To Introduce Rotary to The wider Community and broaden the reach of the cluster

To Provide a day of Respite for our First responders that have spent literally millions of hours keeping our First Response networks active

Attendee Comments 

Hi Jeb 

Well done on pulling the event together in such a short time. You have created a solid foundation on which we can turn this into a must attend event. 

So a big YO from me I’m in and looking forward to being the crowd the event deserves and we now know can handle. 


Peter Shepheard 






Jeb what a sensational effort. Congratulations of what you achieved. It was fabulous 


Well done




The Inaugural event held by Rotary Yarraville on Australia Day 2022 was an enormous success. This “Acknowledgement Day” brought the Community , multiple Rotary Clubs, Organisations and food vendors together for mutual understanding, discussions and feelings about our different heritages and culture. The 6am viewing of the sunrise was a significant start followed by reflective talks and feelings from those present and this continued all day. Bear in mind this event was held under Covid restrictions that impacted on attendance numbers and publicity, plus it was an extremely hot day.  A very positive day and thanks to National Australia Day Council and all who contributed time, money and effort.





The event set up looked very impressive and inviting, it’s current location was clearly out of site so ‘could’ be closer to the road next year. Promoting the lead up and event day itself. Maybe look at condensing the day,  The overall concept is great and should be widely accepted in the local community.


Regards Scott


A great Australia day event well planned by Rotary club of Yarraville and Altona, the layout and location was good great to see all the marquees with the Were all in it together words on them I especially liked hearing from Annie Louey about her multi cultural upbring in Australia and being able to see the Rotary Live Cast on the big screen. With lots of different food options and drinks available during the day although the weather was just a bit to hot which couldn’t be helped




“The event inspired me to think about how Australia day effects all of the communities of Australia and how the impact of Australia Day can differ for all Australians.  Also the food was awesome, although not as awesome as the great speakers.  Seeing the Federal MP serving Souva’s was a delight.  Let’s hope next year we welcome the wider public and also not be so bloody hot”




Tim Watts MP is at Warmies Boat Ramp.


26 January 2022 Newport, Melbourne  · 

What’s hotter than the weather today?

The Souva Spit at the Rotary Clubs of Hobsons Bay Acknowledgment Day 2022 🔥🔥🔥

I was pleased to be able to spend some time serving up lamb souvas for everyone who came along to reflect, to think about Australia’s history, the dark parts of it as well as the good, to respect differing views and celebrate what we have achieved and can achieve together. 

Congratulations to all the Rotary Clubs involved for putting on an event that allowed for the three stories that make us one as Australians - our enduring indigenous cultures, our Westminster traditions and our multicultural migration - to listen to each other’s experiences of this day.